By day, I’m a programmer. Today, I work for a local government agency.
Join me on my adventures.

  • New tool, same old problems
    I work for a local government agency. We use 3rd party contractors and external services A LOT. We’re always bouncing from one “greatest” solution to the next. The latest “greatest” solution is a forms / workflow service called SimpliGov. Like any external / 3rd party tool it’s not exactly what we need, but we’re making good use of this one.
  • When it rains, it pours. Hard.
    Life under COVID started out somewhat confusing and slightly ambiguous. In the five months since I started working from home, things have gotten tougher, not easier the longer things stay the same.
  • Easy-Peasy, Ubuntu
    Like many IT professionals, I dabble a bit on the weekend. During the week, I’m mostly working in Microsoft Windows environments (I work for a local government agency, hence windows). But at night and on the weekends, I pitch in on some linux based websites (like this one). I had an interesting long-weekend while trying to upgrade Ubuntu on my servers.
  • “I get no respect” – Rodney Dangerfield
    If you don’t know who Rodney Dangerfield is, you’re missing out. Now, my life is nowhere near a bad as the life of Dangerfield’s characters. But, man, it feels like it some days.
  • Failure on a MASSIVE scale
    Windows is very “expensive” compared to Linux for running a simple web server…. Lesson learned.