Easy-Peasy, Ubuntu

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Like many IT professionals, I dabble a bit on the weekend. During the week, I’m mostly working in Microsoft Windows environments (I work for a local government agency, hence windows). But at night and on the weekends, I pitch in on some linux based websites (like this one). I had an interesting long-weekend while trying to upgrade Ubuntu on my servers.

Backslash problems

Recently, I changed website hosting. In doing so, I created some problems for people who were visiting my site that went un-noticed for several weeks. (Not sure if that’s good or bad!). This site is hosted on WordPress. So after I set up my new website’s server software, I exported the content from the website… Continue reading Backslash problems

Cabela’s Campmor and Spammers

It’s not just the less-than-reputable companies that employ tracking cookies, it seems that even “reputable” sites such as Cabela’s and Campmor make use of this awful technology.