I’m the convener for the upcoming ADEM election for Assembly District 6. There are some questions that have been coming up regarding the meeting. So I am posting these common questions here. If you have a question that is not answered, pelase feel free to contact me and ask your question.

We look forward to seeing all Assembly District 6 candidates at the ADEM meeting.

ADEM is an acronym for Assembly District Election Meeting.

These meetings are held every two years to elect delegates who will represent their state assembly district to the California Democratic Party (CDP) convention.

More information about ADEM is available on the CDP website.

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A slate is a group of candidates that have something in common and is presenting itself to the voters as a “unit.” (“These fourteen candidates are known as the ‘Progressive Slate’ and will work for you.”)

The candidates on a slate usually have  something in common that binds them together for the purpose of an election. It could be a political ideology (Progressive, Social Democrats, Environmental activists, etc)

Candidates on a slate may campaign individually, or as a slate.

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Candidates running as a slate will often present themselves as members of their slate, or as individuals.

At an ADEM election, you will be electing 14 individuals. You will also have the opportunity to listen to every candidate who chooses to give a speech. If you like what a particular candidate has to say, you can vote for them whether they are on a slate or not.

As a voter, you can choose to support all the members of slate, some of the members, or none of the members of a slate. Because we are electing individuals, the choice is up to you.


At the ADEM, we will be electing 14 individuals to represent assembly district 6 at the California Democratic Party (CDP) convention. Specifically, we will be electing 7 self-identified females, and 7 other-than-self-identified-females (in the past simply referred to as “men”).

Your ballot will show ALL the candidates who have filed to run in this district.

You can vote for any 14 candidates that you would like to support.

You are allowed to vote for fewer than 14 candidates.

You can NOT vote for more than 14 candidates. Ballots with more than 14 candidates selected will be discarded.

Often there are slates of candidates providing literature at the ADEM. You may choose to vote for all of a slate’s candidates, some of them or none of them.

Remember, we are electing 14 individuals to represent YOU.

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The results of the ADEM election will be available that day (January 26, 2019 for Asssembly District 6).

  • The results will be posted in the meeting hall.
  • The results will be shared online via the Placer County Democrats website,Facebook page, and Twitter account.
  • The results will also be posted on the Facebook event page for this ADEM.

But the results won’t be available until they have been provided to the California Democratic Party and we have been given permission to share the results (Patience please!)

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