ADEM Endorsements

I am honored to have received the endorsements of the following people. I hope I am able to contribute toward making our party as strong as the people of California.

Please read my candidate statement to learn more about me. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I am pleased to endorse you for Assembly Delegate to the California Democratic Party in 2017. I know you will bring a voice for rural areas, support the rebuilding of our unions, and fight for fresh new voices to lead our State Party with integrity. Thank you for running.

Heidi Hall, Nevada County Supervisor

I’m delighted to strongly endorse Tomas Vera as 2017 Assembly District 1 delegate for the CA Democratic Party. Tomas has an outstanding track record of dedication to our Democratic Party principles, priorities and goals. He provides the enthusiasm, intelligence, hard work, and maturity that we need to regain the US House, Senate and Presidency. During 2016, he worked tirelessly on my campaign for Congress, and provided insight and ideas that helped get our message out in Congressional district 4 in California.

Robert W. Derlet
2016 Democratic Candidate
4th US Congressional District

Tomas Vera is an elected member to the Placer DCC and brings lots of value to the Central Committee. He has been a champion of Voter Outreach and Engagement in Placer County as the DCC’s Voter Outreach Commitee Chair. His work in the high school voter registration program has been phenomenal. He is computer savvy, helping DCC with MOE database administration. He is also a founding member of the Placer County Latino Democratic Club. He is currently running for ADEM1 Delegate position and I endorse Tomas. I wish him the very best.

CJ Jawahar
Chiar, Placer County Democratic Party.

I enthusiastically endorse Tomas Vera for Delegate for Assembly District 1. Tomas served on the 2016 Bob Derlet for Congress campaign team (CD04) as a Data Manager. While Tomas is a highly skilled person, my endorsement is based on his committment to build our Democratic base through relationships with new voters from all demographics that are not currently in our party. He listens and reaches out to people to find common ground. He will help our party CD1 not just with voters but with new activists and leaders.
Kate Scott
Campaign Manager, Derlet for Congress