Welcome to the Politics portion of my website. I’ve been dabbling in politics since the 2008 campaign when I felt inspired by Barack Obama’s first campaign to get off the couch and make a difference.

I’m currently serving as the Chair of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee. I’m working to make life better for the people around whom I grew up: workers, immigrants, and others who think their voice is not heard.

  • Destruction of USPS – Why would they do that?
    “Mail call!” The 1MC* aboard the USS Marvin Shields sent out the call and a dozen division mail clerks scurried to pick up the mail for the sailors in their Division.
  • A Troubling 4th of July
    On most years, Americans, celebrate the 4th of July with family gatherings, food, fun, games and fireworks (location permitting). But this year, things are different.
  • Fundraising Under COVID
    Money is ingrained in our politics. It takes money to run campaigns. The principal fundraising platform (the house party) is unavailable under COVID. So we must find alternative ways to raise the funds needed to communicate with voters.
  • To play or not to play
    “He’ll never get an opportunity like that again, and it was taken away for what?” Uhler said. Umm… how about “Public Safety”?
  • False claims from Placer BOS
    “We started with no infections, and we’re headed for herd immunity, or some semblance of it,” – District 2 Supervisor Robert Weygandt No. We. Are. Not.