Campaigning under COVID

Fundraising under COVID is challenging.

Regardless of the outcome, the work continues. We will still have people struggling to find a place to live. We will still have children in our communities who go to sleep hungry. We will still have people ostracized for the color of their skin or where they choose to worship. There will always more to do.

Fundraising Under COVID

Fundraising under COVID is challenging.

Money is ingrained in our politics. It takes money to run campaigns. The principal fundraising platform (the house party) is unavailable under COVID. So we must find alternative ways to raise the funds needed to communicate with voters.

Convention 2019

The view from the Convention Hall

I’ve finally found a few minutes to jot some notes about the recently concluded 2019 California Democratic Party (CDP) Convention held in San Francisco. This is my third convention and first during a presidential campaign season. This was first convention while serving as the Chair of the Placer Democratic Central Committee (DCC).

ADEM Election 2019 – Candidate for Re-Election

Logo of the California Democratic Party

It has been two years since I started a wonderfully fulfilling experience. I am once again running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate to the California Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC).