Tomas Vera- Resume of a C#/.NET Programmer

To see my actual resume click here: Tomas Vera’s .NET/C# resume

I’ve been programming for a living since 2002. Prior to that I programmed as a hobby since 1989, or so. In that time I’ve used several programming languages. But the language in which I am (currently) the most fluent is C# (One of the .NET programming languages).

More information about the C# language can be found at

Currently, I’m working as an independent consultant with a small software development company near Sacramento, California. The main project to which I assigned is a futures trading application with which our client evaluates market conditions and places trades with a number of Futures Commodity Merchants.

It’s pretty cool.

Prior to this project, I did a lot of work on e-Commerce web sites. I like to point out that I’m a web site programmer, not a web site designer. To most people this doesn’t mean much. Fortunately, there are people who know the difference and it is those people who use me on their development teams.

There are number of ways to build an e-Commerce web site. You can easily span the range from a 100% custom coded website, to a “turn key” e-Commerce site where you simply load your product catalog into a template-driven website. I’ve worked across this entire span.

I must admit that the custom-coded sites are absolutely the best in terms of speed and usefulness since every line of code is specifically written to fit your business model and to meet your design criteria. Of course the downside is time (and money). A custom-coded site will take months to develop and will costs thousands (and thousands) of dollars. So these types of websites are not usually requested by mom-n-pop businesses. The custom-coded sites were developed for large national (and multi-national) clients who had the time and resources to build a custom e-Commerce site that integrated seamlessly with the other parts of their extensive business infrastructure.

On the other hand, the turn-key or, more likely, customizable turn-key solutions can be implemented in as little as 2 to 3 weeks, with little or no fuss. In these situations, I’ve been had to modify the built-in/ default behavior of the product and/or to develop modules that will allow the turn-key solution to integrate with the client’s existing system(s). I have used these solutions on website of local, regional and national companies. So just because these solutions are turn-key doesn’t mean that you should overlook them. These solutions are in use by companies that do tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in s-Commerce every year.

But enough about e-commerce platforms.  Here are some descriptions and some links to some of the sites on which I’ve worked.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Custom-Coded E-Commerce Web Sites

Footlocker UK Home page

The largest custom-coded website on which I’ve worked was for Footlocker’s UK site. This site was developed using Microsoft’s Commerce Server platform. This site took approximately eight (8) months to develop with a team of 2 coders. Graphics and screen design were provided by additional teams and their output was used by the coding team to create the site that you see today.

Customized Turn-Key Sites

ACMoore Home Page
This site was developed using a customizable e-commerce solution called ASPDotNetStoreFront. For this site we customized the layout, some of the behavior of some of the components on the pages, and we integrated the web site with ACMoore’s existing sales/shipping support system. Development time was about three (3) months using a team of 2-3 developers.

Gearys Home Page
Gearys is a jewelry store located on Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive. I had worked on their previous site (which was a custom-coded MS Commerce Server site) to perform maintenance. But when they needed an update to their site, ASPDotNetStorefront was selected as the best platform for their website. This site required some special integration with an existing legacy system and so took an extra 30 days to complete. Total development time on this site was 4 months.

Bonsai Outlet home page
BonsaiOutlet has a unique niche in the e-commerce world.For this site, AbleCommerce was chosen as the turn-key soluytion because of it’s ease of customization, and the ability to create custom modules for use on the site. Importing/exporting the product catalog is relatively easy as well. The biggest challenge was forwarding the old classic-asp product links to the new corresponding product links to preserve SEO scores.


Well, that’s a quick-n-dirty on my recent software development career. Thanks for reading this far!