A Summary of Me

This is a brief summary of my professional career. This is not my resume. Although you may view a printable version here: Tomas Vera’s resume.

Last update: 13 Dec 2009

I’m a programmer. But, I wasn’t always a programmer.

I graduated college in 1984 with a degree in Physics, whereupon I joined the U.S. Navy and had a great time.

After I left the Navy, I worked in environmental and agricultural testing laboratories for several years. During this period, I was programming (mostly in C/C++) as a hobby.

Then in March 2002, I got my first full-time programming job with Yosemite Technologies. It was at YT, that I first became familiar with .NET and Microsoft Commerce Server; two important components in the world of eCommerce.


Since I’ve started working on eCommerce sites I’ve used a handful of tools. The most powerful of which has been Microsoft Commerce Server.

Commerce Server offers a rich platform for developers with a plethora of features that appeal to business specialists.

To find out more about Microsoft Commerce Server and what it can do for you, click here.

Then contact me to make it work for you.

Below, are some links to some of the sites on which I’ve worked.

FootLocker UK

This site was developed on the Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 platform. In fact, it is the largest implementation of MSCS developed in North America.

The coolest part of this site is the ability for a customer to manage a return entirely on his/her own, without having to contact customer service. There are WHOLE LOT of neat things in there as well.

This is next scheduled to be ported to Spain and will be translated into Spanish (of course).

Que, maravilla!.

This site was developed with ASPDotNetStoreFront and ASP.NET 2.0 technology. ACMoore is a leading provider of tools and supplies for crafters and hobbyists.
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This site was developed using ASPDotNetStoreFront and ASP.NET 2.0 technology. Unlike all the other sites shown here, this site was developed using VB.NET in co-operation with the client’s in-house developers.
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This site was developed using ASPDotNetStoreFront and ASP.NET 2.0. This site required a complex integration between the ASPStoreFront web application and the client’s installation of Great Plains. The integration was accomplished using as custom .NET data layer written in C#.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, GEARYS has been a West Coast tradition for more than 75 years for those seeking luxury and service.

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