Tomas Vera for Placer DCC Chair

I’ve been active with Placer County Democrats since the 2012 election cycle, when I phone banked for Barack Obama. It was during one of those phone bank events where Lou Loera recruited me to join Placer County Latino Democrats and I’ve kept busy ever since.

In my time with Placer Dems, there have been several significant events and actions that have pushed me to declare my candidacy for Chair of Placer County Democratic Party. During each one of those events, I was frustrated by what I felt was a fundamental failure of the Central Committee to achieve its core objective: to elect Democrats to office.

In speaking with other members of the Central Committee, I find that I am not alone in my observations. The changes that I would like to see made are broad and cover several areas of our committee. So to affect these changes, I am running for Chair of the Placer County Democratic Party.

Below, are some of the areas where I feel that we need to change how we “do business” in Placer County. If you agree with these proposed changes, I would appreciate your support in my run for this office. If you feel that the current administration is moving the right direction, then stay the course.

Our mission:

At the most fundamental level, I’m running because I believe that we have not kept our “eyes on the prize” and we need to re-focus on the core mission of this organization which is to elect Democrats to office.

Our Clubs:

I believe that the strength of our party lies in our clubs. I feel that we need to empower them while asking them to support the goals and mission of our Democratic Party. In speaking with many club chairs, I feel that we need to re-evaluate this relationship to enable all parties to benefit for the benefit of our mission.

The future:

We have much work to do, in preparing our organization for future success. We have done some work in laying out our future plans. But now we need to execute and bring those plans to fruition.