Democratic Doneky
Tomas is a member of the Democratic Party

This is the jumping off point for my politically related stuff.

Who am I? I am:


There are a couple of interesting things going on as I write this:

  1. I am volunteering with the Jessica Morse for Congress campaign. She is running to replace Tom McClintock in California’s 4th Congressional district.
  2. I am volunteering with Sierra Forward. An new type of organization dedicated to replacing Tom McClintock.
  3. I am volunteering with CD1 Democratic Alliance. A group working to remove Doug LaMalfa as the representative in California’s 1st Congressional district.
  4. I’m pitching in here and there with other miscellaneous campaigns and projects (there’s so much to do).

Phew!  That’s a lot of stuff. But I really enjoy the challenges that come with bringing positive change to my community, working with my friends and neighbors, and bonding with my campaign-mates.