Tomas Vera for Assembly District 1 Delegate

I am running to be a delegate to the State Democratic Party representing Assembly District 1.

I am honored to have received ENDORSEMENTS from people whom I respect deeply.
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In 2016 we have elected a President (by the electoral college process only) who most Americans would find to be uniquely unqualified. California, however, voted overwhelmingly for our Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. Recently, we’ve seen our elected state leaders take a strong stand against the policies supported by our incoming president. We must continue to support our elected leaders in these efforts. But we must also continue to work to help California move forward in social and labor issues.

Image of Tomas Vera
Horace Snowden, Audrey Ehrlich and Tomas Vera registering voters.

I’m a life-long California resident, born and raised in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. I graduated from Sonoma State University as a physicist. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have been blessed with three loving children. As you may have seen on this site, I am a veteran of the United States Navy and currently work as a computer professional.

I am currently a the Chair of the Placer County Latino Democratic Club and a member of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee (PCDCC). I am also a member of the Auburn Area Democratic Club. Within the PCDCC, I serve as the Chair of the Voter Outreach subcomittee and represent District 5, which encompasses the Eastern (rural) part of Placer County.

Image of Tomas Vera and Kevin DeLeon
Tomas Vera and Kevin De Leon at Placer Dems dinner

Over the last two years, as the Voter Outreach Chair, I have overseen, and been responsible for, several county-level programs and projects including:

  • High school voter outreach/ registration project with the Placer County Elections office.
  • Voter registration at local fairs, events and gatherings
  • Voter outreach in support of local partisan and non-partisan candidates

Personally, I have:

  • Canvassed precincts in support of the party and candidates
  • Participated in voter registration events (including at new-citizen swearing-in ceremonies)
  • Participated in phone banks for the benefit of our party candidates
Image of Tomas Vera
Brian Caples, John Garamendi, and Tomas Vera at Labor Day festivities in West Sacramento

My goals for the party include moving toward a platform which harkens back to the New Deal with an emphasis on civil- and labor-issues which can restore the health of our nation so all citizens can enjoy prosperity and security.

Despite California’s success as a state in requiring a living wage for its workers, too many Californians suffer from issues such as a lack of affordable housing. Despite our leadership role in providing access to medical insurance to all people residing in our state, too many people remain uninsured due to the cost of insurance premiums. Despite our successes in the technology arena, too many people find themselves unemployed due to a lack of manufacturing jobs in our post-automation economy.

Image of Tomas Vera
High School Outreach team preparing for their presentations

We must address these issues and concerns now, or suffer the consequences that we’ve seen in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

However, we must be vigilant that our efforts in dealing with these concerns do not place us in a position where are beholden to the big-money donors who stand to profit from our actions.

As a party we must become more inclusive. The future belongs to all Californians. We must seek out solutions that benefit Democrats and everyone else.

I humbly ask for your support on January 7, 2017 at the ADEM elections taking place on that date.